Th3 CATS - I'm Broken Down (In Memory Of Chester Bennington)

Th3 CATS — I’m Broken Down (In Memory Of Chester Bennington)


Friends, our new track «I’m Broken Down» is dedicated to Chester Bennington.
It is really hard to accept and reconcile, that Chester is not with us anymore…This tragedy has broken our hearts…and there are no words to describe the pain and emptiness, which can’t be replenished by anything…

We would like to tell you about the creation of this track.
To create a collab track with Linkin Park was always our dream. This year, in June, we’ve got in touch with our friend from LA, who knew Chester very well. We asked him to see if they are interested to create a track with us. A month before the tragic news, we started to work on a scetch, to show to the guys, how we see our collab. But due to tragedy, we could not send it to them…So we made a decision to finish it by ourselves…Slightly changed lirycs and melody…Recorded live instruments, which we have never done before in our music. We made it sound as much similar to what wanted it to be if we made it with Linkin Park. This work was really emotional and hard for us. We still can not believe this tragedy happened…

We would like to say our words of support and condolences to the guys from Linkin Park and Chester’s family. We will always support you and love you!!! Stay strong!!!
Rest in peace Chester… And where ever you are now, we hope, that you will hear what we’ve done for you. We’ll see you on the other side. Love!

Th3 CATS — I’m Broken Down (In Memory Of Chester Bennington) [YouTube]